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Hospital Fined for Wrong-Site Surgery

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There are many types of medical malpractice and these include wrong-site surgeries.  Recently, a Rhode Island hospital was fined for performing a wrong-site surgery.  Incredibly, it had been the 5th wrong-site surgery at that hospital since 2007.

Unfortunately, in New Hampshire, medical malpractice errors occur.  This situation is a reminder that we, as patients, need to be vigilant and protect ourselves from medical malpractice errors even in a situation that seems as straight forward as operating on the correct body part.

Medical malpractice errors can have a long-term impact on the victims and their families.  The consequences of these errors can be permanent disability or even death.  Although medical providers try to do their best, it is important for all of us to hold those medical providers responsible for their errors because it will help protect others from being victims of medical malpractice.