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Attorneys Secure Maximum $1.5 Million Settlement for YDC Abuse Victims through Private Claims Fund

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Attorney Chuck Douglas has become the one of the first attorneys to reach a settlement of $1.5 million, the maximum amount of compensation permitted under law through the YDC Claims Administration and Settlement Fund (YDC Claims Fund). We are proud of this result, because it met our client’s goals of obtaining the greatest amount of compensation available under law, in a confidential manner, and within four months of filing the claim.

The YDC Claims Fund was established to compensate victims who suffered sexual and physical abuse when they were children detained at YDC. Victims can file a claim with the YDC Claims Fund on or before December 31, 2024. The YDC Claims Fund offers victims a confidential, non-public forum and a faster resolution of their case than is available through a lawsuit in State Court.

Douglas, Leonard & Garvey will continue fighting for victims and expects additional recoveries from the YDC Claims Fund for our clients. We are committed to giving our clients results, not promises.

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Please contact our attorneys if you or a loved one experienced abuse at YDC (the Youth Detention Center in Manchester, NH) by calling (603) 288-1403. You don't want to miss the deadline to file your claim!

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