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Sexual Abuse & Assault

New Hampshire Sexual Abuse & Assault Lawyers

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Sexual abuse and assault is unthinkable but, sadly, it happens too frequently. It is a breach of trust. It is hard to imagine a more heinous act by an abuser than sexual abuse of a child. Whether an adult or child, victims of such abuse almost always deal with a lifetime of injuries, which can cause problems in relationships, substance abuse, and loss of education. Our New Hampshire sexual abuse lawyers at Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C. are sensitive to the difficulty in pursuing these claims.

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Our Professional Experience

We have extensive experience in representing sexual abuse victims against the individual abuser, employers, schools and school districts, and religious organizations. Because of this experience, we understand the sensitive and difficult nature of these claims and the long-term trauma caused by the abuse.

We are dedicated to providing victims of sexual abuse or assault with dignity and respect. We know it can be difficult for victims to decide to pursue their legal claims. Because of this, we will fight to protect your interests. Once we are involved, we will be your advocate, provide solutions, and offer you the peace of mind that will help you to bring an end to this process.

You want someone with experience and a proven track record. We think you deserve that and more. Our lawyers include a former state Supreme Court and Superior Court Judge. He actually wrote the New Hampshire Evidence Manual, which is used by judges and lawyers across the state regarding evidence in a court case. So, when we say we have experience, that is the type of experience you need.

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  • Q:What is the difference between a criminal case and a civil case for a child’s sexual abuse?

    A:A criminal case involves criminal charges against the perpetrator of sexual abuse, which may lead to that person being convicted of the crime and going to jail. A civil claim involves filing a lawsuit against the abuser and all other responsible parties to recover money damages for injuries to the victim. Obviously, no amount of money can undo the scars or return a child’s innocence. Money damages recovered in a civil lawsuit can help with medical costs such as counseling or therapy. Also, a civil lawsuit will help prevent the sexual abuser or other responsible parties from doing or allowing such harm to occur to another child.

  • Q:As a parent, can I bring a claim on behalf of my child?

    A:Yes. Under New Hampshire law, a parent can bring an action on behalf of their child who is younger than 18 years old at the time of the abuse.

  • Q:Who is responsible for the assault?

    A:This depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. The perpetrator and any other third parties such as organizations that allowed the abuse to occur may be responsible. This can include schools, employers, religious or charitable organizations, teachers, clergy, doctors, family members, or acquaintances.

  • Q:Can I get my counseling bills paid for?

    A:Yes. You may recover damages in a civil claim for sexual abuse for your counseling or therapy expenses. Likewise, you may be entitled to be compensation for other medical expenses incurred as a result of your injuries.

  • Q:What damages can I recover?

    A:Because a sexual abuse claim is a type of personal injury, you may be able to recover damages for physical injuries and emotional distress.

  • Q:How does my lawyer get paid?

    A:We represent victims of sexual abuse on a contingency fee arrangement. This means we only get paid from any settlement, recovery, or verdict we get in your case.

  • Q:Why choose Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C. as my sexual abuse lawyers?

    A:Having represented many victims of sexual abuse, we are sensitive to the unique needs of abuse victims. These cases are very complicated and generally are vigorously contested. Bringing a sexual abuse claim may also require retaining experts, usually a counselor, which is expensive. We are committed to devoting the necessary time and expenses for these cases. If you do not have an attorney with the experience and willingness to make that commitment, your case may be at a disadvantage.

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