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Beware of Hospital Infections

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As a result of new state law, New Hampshire released its first report on hospital infections occurring during 2009.  The report examines infections that were developed after heart, colon and knee surgeries.

The good news is that the report showed patients developed 134 infections last year while being treated for another condition, which is a number lower than state officials expected based on national data.  On the cautionary side, the report noted a few hospitals did have higher rates for certain procedures that would warrant changes to their current infection prevention practices.

The report was prepared based upon a state law that required disclosure of infection rates.  New Hampshire is among 27 states that require public disclosure of hospital infection rates by each hospital.

This law is an important step in helping protect patients.  There are many stories of patients going into the hospital to be treated for one condition but then develop an infection.  Such infections and complications therefrom can require lengthy and expensive hospitalizations and even can cause death from these unrelated problems.

To view, a copy of the link goes to New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services,