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How Do I Pay For Medical Bills From My Auto Accident?

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Some people injured in auto accidents do not have health insurance, which would cover any medical treatment from a car crash the same as for any other illness or injury. The good news is if you have automobile insurance in New Hampshire it will help cover medical bills arising from an auto accident. Auto insurance is also required to cover medical bills up to a certain amount, which varies from policy to policy (this is known as “medical payments” coverage, or “med pay”). It can be to your advantage to use your health insurance first, reserving your auto medical payments coverage for any out of pocket co-pays or deductibles associated with your care. Although many hospitals or doctors’ offices will ask for your permission to bill the auto insurance directly, the choice of which insurance to bill – health insurance or auto insurance, or both – is yours. The decision of how to handle insurance can be complicated; you should consider speaking with an attorney if you anticipate having more than minimal medical treatment.

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