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Allegiant Privacy Class Action for Email Breach

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On November 13 a class action case was filed on behalf of all persons whose email address was shared regarding service dogs, support dogs, etc.

Allegiant’s Privacy Policy dated October 1, 2018, specifically provides that:

Email addresses provided by you to Allegiant Air shall not be shared with any third parties that are not contractually obligated to a relationship with Allegiant Air or Allegiant Travel.

Since then Allegiant has offered a $100 voucher to compensate for the email breach but with a catch:  you waive all other claims for compensation if you accept it.  While it is nice that they realize what they did was wrong, I believe they can and will do more.  We have 18 states and scores of people who have signed on to the class.  It is up to each of you as to whether to take the $100 but, if you do, please let me know so we can exclude you from the case.  The voucher is good for a year so you can wait and make a final decision eleven months from now.

If you wish to be in the class and have not already done so, please email me at with your name, address and phone number so that I can keep you posted on developments in the case. You will personally owe me nothing in fees or costs as I am doing it on a contingency fee basis.  Read the Complaint here.