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Why You Need an Attorney for a New Hampshire Car Accident Injury Claim

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You have just been involved in a motor vehicle accident on a New Hampshire roadway that was caused by another driver. That accident has resulted in serious injuries to you that will involve current and future medical treatment. You may need emergency room treatment, surgery, and a stay in the hospital. You may need future treatment such as physical or occupational therapy. You may also have some psychological stress disorder from the accident. You will not be able to work and your car has been damaged.

So, do you need an attorney in such a clear-cut situation? Since auto liability insurance is required in the state, you will likely get all of the compensation you need to cover all the losses and damages associated with the accident. So why would you need an attorney to handle this situation? In this blog, we will look at all the potential problems of going it alone without an attorney when handling a car accident claim in New Hampshire.

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How an Attorney Can Help With Your Injury Claim

Having an attorney on board in the aftermath of an accident has many valuable benefits as shown below:

  1. An attorney can investigate the facts and circumstances of the accident, gather the evidence, and demonstrate fault. If you were hit by a driver who acted in a negligent or reckless manner, for instance, your attorney can establish those facts through proper evidence such as police reports, witness testimony, photographs of the scene, and more. This puts you in a strong legal position.
  2. An attorney can provide necessary assistance with whatever medical care you will need now and in the future; this can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for those treatments.
  3. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance carrier representative to get you the maximum compensation available. Your attorney will have had experience quantifying what your medical and other expenses may be. For example, what if you need physical therapy for months or even years later? Your attorney will have medical resources to determine the cost of this. Your attorney will also have experience quantifying non-tangible damages such as pain and suffering. What amount would the insurance carrier place on your pain and suffering as opposed to your attorney?
  4. As mentioned above, your attorney can raise the value of your claim so that it truly reflects the losses and damages you have sustained. That reflection will be done so in an amount that tries to restore your health and wellbeing to the wholeness you enjoyed prior to the accident.

It is vital to know that insurance carriers are not your friend or “like a good neighbor.” They are huge corporations dedicated to their bottom lines and answerable to shareholders demanding profitability. These companies have armies of lawyers whose job is to reduce the company’s liability. You as a claimant are not their first concern. Their effort will always be to pay you as little as possible.

They will likely try to settle your claim quickly before you even realize the full repercussions of your injuries and damages. In this way they can give you a lowball settlement offer that will end your ability to negotiate for something higher. Once you sign such an offer, your legal rights are gone. What happens if a complication occurs from your injuries and you need an additional surgery later on? You will not have the resources to pay for it.

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It is generally known that those who are represented by an attorney in an accident claim receive more compensation for their damages and losses than those who are not. That is why our firm recommends that you talk to one of our dedicated legal team as soon as possible in the wake of your accident. Our attorneys have over 100 combined years of experience and many high awards, such as the top rating of AV Preeminent ® by Martindale Hubbell® as well as being listed as Super Lawyers.

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