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Can I Get Copies of My Medical Records For a Car Accident?

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NH Medical Records – Yes, under New Hampshire law, patients may obtain a copy of their medical records for a limited charge.  RSA 332-I states the following:

“332-I:1  Medical Records.  – All medical information contained in the medical records in the possession of any health care provider shall be deemed to be the property of the patient.  The patient shall be entitled to a copy of such records upon request.  The charge for the copying of a patient’s medical records shall not exceed $15 for the first 30 pages or $.50 per page, whichever is greater; provided that copies of filmed records such as radiograms, x-rays, and sonograms shall be copied at a reasonable cost.”

Medical Records – Know Your Rights

It is important to know your rights about your medical records.  When we represent injured clients in a motor vehicle accident, we are asked questions about their medical records such as:

  1. Can I get My Original Medical Record?

A patient is entitled to a copy of his or her medical record, not the original.  The NH Board of Medicine requires that a physician maintain the original record.

  1. Do I Have to Pay to Get a Copy of My Medical Records Sent to My New Doctor?


  1. If I Owe My Doctor Money, Will I Still Be Able to Get a Copy of My Medical Records?


  1. Do I Have to Pick Up the Medical Records, or Will My Doctor Mail Them?

You can either pick them up or have them mailed to you or to a doctor of your choice.

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