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What is an SR-22?

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SR-22 – Some drivers in New Hampshire and other states get a notice from their local DMV that they are being required to obtain an SR-22. What is that? It’s a way for certain drivers to prove that they have the minimum required insurance. The government requires this proof to be on file when the driver has engaged in some conduct that demonstrates a heightened risk to the public. The drawback is that your insurance company might charge a significant fee (or rate increase) to keep one on file with the State.

Why Would You Need an SR-22?

Here are some of the many ways you can be asked to get an SR-22:

  • Homicide or assault with a motor vehicle
  • Four or more speeding tickets in a year
  • Multiple reckless driving conviction
  • DUI conviction
  • Uninsured accident causing injury to persons or property
  • Leaving the scene of an accident without giving information
  • Habitual offender certification

New Hampshire Law

New Hampshire’s SR-22 law is particularly onerous. It requires a person to get one for every car they own or regularly use. In other words, if you are single and drive only one car, you only need to get one SR-22 certificate. But if you have a family of five and you are the owner of your spouse’s and children’s cars, you will need to pay for all five SR-22 certificates, regardless of whether you drive the other cars. That seems somewhat strange since the whole idea is to prove that the driver is insured, not the car, but that is how the DMV is interpreting it. If you get an SR-22 notice, you will generally be required to produce one for every car within 30 days. Most SR-22 requirements last for three years. If you do not keep the SR-22 certificate on file for every required automobile through the entire duration of the requirement, the DMV will suspend your license.

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