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What Are No-Contact Motorcycle Accidents?

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Most motorcycle accidents on the road involve a collision with another vehicle, but not all of them. No-contact motorcycle accidents are incidents where a driver’s negligence causes a motorcycle rider to crash. This often happens when a driver violates a traffic law, such as tailgating, changing a lane without indicating, or engaging in distracted driving behaviors.

Who Is at Fault for a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident?

New Hampshire is an at-fault state, which means negligent drivers who caused a motorcycle rider to crash can be held liable for damages. Proving a driver was at-fault in a no-contact motorcycle accident, however, isn’t always easy.

Identifying the Driver Can Be a Challenge

The first challenge a no-contact motorcycle accident victim can face is identifying the driver. If this individual fled the scene of the accident, it can be very difficult to track them down. It can be done with a description of the vehicle, a partial license plate, photographic evidence, and witness testimony, and it requires an experienced attorney to investigate sources that can yield this information.

Proving the Defendant Caused the Accident Isn’t Always Easy

Vehicle damage is an important source of evidence when it comes to determining who is responsible for causing an accident. When only one of the vehicles in an accident claim is damaged, proving liability can be a challenge.

Fortunately, it can be done with witness testimony and other kinds of evidence that may have been left at the scene of the accident, such as tire streaks. Also, many motorcycle riders wear cameras on their vehicles and/or helmets. These devices can offer a substantial amount of evidence to prove a negligent driver caused an accident.

Comparative Fault in Motorcycle Accidents

New Hampshire’s modified comparative fault rule for motor vehicle accident injury lawsuits requires the plaintiff to be less than 50% responsible for the accident to recover damages. The defense is likely to attack the motorcycle rider’s share of blame for the accident, alleging inexperience or their own negligence.

An experienced attorney, however, knows how to anticipate these kinds of attacks against their client. They also know how to respond with representation that can limit a plaintiff’s liability and maximize their potential recovery. Rest assured that hiring experienced and competent legal counsel can help you succeed with your no-contact motorcycle accident claim.

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