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DWI/DUI Appeal Lawyers in New Hampshire

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When we try DUI cases, we expect to win. If you are convicted on a DUI first offense, your appeal is directly to the State Supreme Court on issues of law. If you are convicted of a DWI offense that hasjail time, like aDWI second or an aggravated DWI, your case can be appealed to the Superior Court for a jury trial. Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C. has decades of experience in representing clients in court and can represent you, too. Our New Hampshire DWI/DUI appeal lawyers have skills and strategy needed to achieve successful results.

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Our Client Stories

  • “Our client recently wrote Attorney Ben King a lovely note: "Ben, Thank you for all your good work and counsel on behalf of my son Michael. Knowing he was in your capable hands let me sleep better and ...”

    - Ronald G. Wiesenthal
  • “Benjamin King was the best lawyer I ever could have asked for to represent me, because he was passionate and knowledgeable about fighting discrimination. He believed me and fought for me.”

    - Kate Frederick
  • “I'm happy with the result and would recommend the firm to anyone in need of someone that will truly fight for them.”

    - Brandie Gonthier
  • “Whatever you do, hire this Law Office to fight for you and WIN. When other Law Offices tell you they will win, they don't, this Law Office and Ben King won a very intricate case.”

    - Tom C