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Why is Fall Season a Time for Slip and Falls?

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Slip and Falls – Autumn brings beautiful scenes of orange, red, and yellow foliage, with perfect outdoors weather to enjoy the scenery in.  The Fall season also brings cold nighttime temperatures, shorter and rainier days, and piles of leaves and sticks on the ground.  Any of these can be the recipe for a slip and fall accident.

Hazards for Slip and Falls

By early November, New Hampshire typically experiences freezing temperatures at night.  This, combined with the more frequent rain we seem to experience in the Fall, can lead to slippery walkways and parking lots.  Add in the long hours of darkness, and you have prime conditions for a slip and fall accident.  The earlier darkness also helps to obscure obstacles, pavement irregularities, and potholes – leading to trip and fall accidents.  Those colorful leaves become a real nuisance when they hit the ground.  Not only do you have to rake them up, but they can hide dangers on the ground even better than the shorter daylight hours can.

Pay Extra Attention to Where You’re Walking

All of this means that you must use more care in the Fall to avoid tripping over the disguised holes, steps, frozen puddles and other traps for pedestrians that the autumn brings.  For landowners, it means being ready with a rake, leaf blower, or vacuum to keep sidewalks clear of leaves.  Landowners should also have salt or sand at the ready, and make sure that outdoor lighting is appropriate and in good repair.

If you are injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident caused by a negligently maintained walking area, you should contact an experienced lawyer to represent you.  DL&G has a team of experienced and skilled personal injury attorneys who can make sure you receive the justice you deserve.  Call us at (603) 288-1403 or fill out our online contact form.