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Don't Give a Recorded Statement to Insurance Company

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Frequently, we receive calls from accident victims after they have failed to settle their claims with the insurance company on their own.  Unfortunately, while they were not being represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer, we discover many people fall for the insurance companies’ tactic of requesting a taped or recorded statement from the accident victim.  Sometimes, the recorded statement is asked for under the guise that the insurance company is just trying to “move the claim along.”  Most accident victims do not know any better and fall for it.

Giving a recorded statement before you have consulted with a personal injury lawyer may harm your case.  A personal injury claim is an unfamiliar situation for most people and they are not aware of what is important to their case.  But insurance companies are experienced in processing these claims and know what information to ask.  Be clear – any misstatement by you about the facts of how the accident occurred or the extent of your injuries will later be used against you to reduce your recovery of damages.