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Avelox® — Injured by Medication?

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Have you experienced a spontaneously ruptured tendon, vision damage, ligament/joint damage, or other serious side effects after taking a prescription Avelox® antibiotic?  Avelox® is the brand name for a fluoroquinolone antibiotic.  Other antibiotics in the fluoroquinolone family include Cipro® and Levaquine®.  The FDA has issued its most serious “black box” warnings for these antibiotics due to the severe and potentially permanent nature of some of the possible side effects.  Spontaneous tendon rupture and other forms of serious connective tissue damage are not uncommon, even in otherwise fit and healthy individuals.  These drugs are supposed to be prescribed for only the most serious, life-threatening types of infections.    Unfortunately, some doctors continue to prescribe Avelox, Cipro, and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics in situations where their use may not be warranted and may be more dangerous than the infection they are trying to cure.

If you have experienced the side effects of Avelox® or other fluoroquinolone-based antibiotics, you should be aware that you may have a right to recover for your injuries.  Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C. is currently investigating Avelox® litigation, based on several reports from injured individuals in New Hampshire.  If you are a New Hampshire resident who has suffered an inexplicable connective tissue (tendon, ligament, lumbar disc) injury and have concerns, please contact the firm without delay to learn more about your options.