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What is a Child Impact Program in a New Hampshire Divorce

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All parties involved in a divorce, or actions involving parental rights and responsibilities and child support are required by law to attend a CHILD IMPACT PROGRAM. This is a four-hour informational seminar on how to help children deal with issues surrounding divorce, separation and parental rights and responsibilities. The seminar provides strategies, ideas, and tools for helping children. Parents may attend the course separately or together.

Both parties must complete the seminar within 45 days of the date the respondent was served with the petition. After you attend the seminar, a certificate of completion will be forwarded to the court by the provider.

If you need additional time to complete the seminar, you must file a motion with the court, requesting additional time. The court may exempt you from attendance at the seminar if:

  • You are incarcerated;
  • You have previously attended the seminar;
  • The Division of Child Support has brought an action to enforce or modify an existing order; or
  • Exceptional circumstances exist which indicate good cause for the court to grant an exception.

The seminar is offered at different locations and times. Visit the website at for more information on the program and for schedules in the different locations.

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