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New Hampshire Whistleblower Leads to $3,800,000 Recovery

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New Hampshire Whistleblower, Dr. David Goldberg, blew the whistle on a kickback scheme at Catholic Medical Center (CMC) and CMC agreed to pay the federal government $3,800,000 to resolve allegations that Medicare and Medicaid payments that were made in violation of law. As a whistleblower, the doctor will receive 15% of the disputed funds or $570,000 as a bonus, because without his knowledge and persistence, none of the tax dollars would have been paid back to the Medicare system. CMC did not admit liability as a part of the settlement.

Attorney Chuck Douglas filed the False Claims Act on behalf of whistleblower, Dr. Goldberg, a former CMC employee.

Here is the link to the Union Leader story dated February 10, 2022:

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