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Disability Discrimination

New Hampshire Disability Discrimination Lawyers

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Under the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, employers are prohibited from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities in job application procedures, hiring, firing, advancement, compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. If you suspect you’re being discriminated against for your disabilities, Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C. can take your case to court. Our New Hampshire disability discrimination attorneys are compassionate and ready to fight for you.

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  • Q:Is the ADA limited by the size of the employer?

    A:Yes, The ADA covers employers with 15 or more employees.

  • Q:What is a qualified employer applicant?

    A:This means an individual who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the job.

  • Q:What are some examples of reasonable accommodation?

    A:These can include but are not limited to making existing facilities used by employees readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities; job restructuring, modifying work schedules, reassignment to a vacant position; and acquiring or modifying equipment or devices, adjusting or modifying examinations, training materials, or policies and providing qualified readers or interpreters.

  • Q:Is an employer required to make all reasonable accommodations?

    A:No. An employer is required to make a reasonable accommodation to the known disability of a qualified applicant or employer if it would not impose an “undue hardship” on the operation of the employer’s business. An employer is not required to expend significant money or significant difficulty taking into consideration the employer’s size, financial resources, and the nature and structure of its business.

  • Q:I cannot meet the quotas imposed by my job. Is my employer required to lower them for me?

    A:It all depends on the requirements of your job, but an employer is not required to low quality or production standards to make an accommodation.

  • Q:Do I need to hire an employment lawyer?

    A:Yes. Employers and their insurance companies have experienced lawyers on their side. Because of the different laws protecting employees’ rights, it is important to have an experienced employment lawyer represent you. Having a skilled and experienced lawyer representing you will level the playing field against your former employer. Many victims of illegal employment make the mistake of not consulting with an experienced employment lawyer. An employment lawyer can explain your rights, whether you have an employment case, and if so, what damages you may be entitled to receive under the law.

  • Q:What if my employer retaliates against me for filing a complaint?

    A:It is unlawful to retaliate against a person for opposing employment practices that discriminate based on disability or filing a discrimination charge, testifying, or participating in any way in an investigation, proceeding, or litigation under state or federal sexual harassment laws.

  • Q:How will my employment lawyer get paid?

    A:Like most employment law cases, age discrimination cases are typically handled on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that an attorney does not get paid until you recover damages in your case.

  • Q:Why should I choose Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C. as my employment lawyers?

    A:Many lawyers claim to have employment law experience. Also, many lawyers try to have it both ways and represent employers and employees. Our loyalty is simple — we represent employees. Our employment lawyers regularly represent clients at the EEOC and New Hampshire Human Rights Commission as well as try cases to juries in Superior Court. Employers and their insurance companies have experienced lawyers on their side. With our employment lawyers on your side, we level the playing field. While some employment cases settle without filing a lawsuit, you need a skilled and aggressive employment lawyer so you get fair compensation. Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C. has the reputation and experience of being a trial law firm. What makes our law firm different is that employers and insurance companies know that we will take a case to trial if they do not offer fair compensation. If you have an inexperienced lawyer that isn’t used to going to court, you won’t have that leverage on your side. It is that leverage or the threat of taking a case to trial that gives you an advantage in your case. Our New Hampshire disability discrimination lawyers have years of trial experience in handling employment cases. Choosing the right lawyer may mean the difference between success and failure.

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