Overtime & Wage Claims

NH Overtime and Wage Claims – You work hard for your employer and are entitled to be paid for what you have earned.

Some employers – whether intentionally or because of confusion over the wage laws – fail to pay employees all the wages they deserve.

Employee complaints about the payment of wages, compensation, and overtime occur frequently in New Hampshire. Some of these wage and hour disputes include:

  • Refusal to pay overtime rates
  • Working “off the clock” without pay
  • Unpaid wages or commissions
  • Failure to pay sick or vacation days
  • Misclassification as exempt v. non-exempt status

Choose an Experienced New Hampshire Wage and Hour Claims Attorney

The attorneys at Douglas, Leonard & Garvey have years of experience in representing wage and hour claims. Many lawyers claim to have experience in wage and hour claims cases. It is important to choose a skilled and experienced wage and hour claims lawyer who frequently represents wage and hour claims victims.

Overtime & Wage Claims

What is a Wage and Hour Claim?

When Must Overtime be Paid?

What is the Main Difference Between Paying on Salary Versus Being Paid by the Hour?

What is the Minimum Number of Hours Per Day an Employee Must Be Paid When Reporting to Work?

When are Wages Due Upon Separation From Employment?

Am I Entitled to Receive a Copy of My Personnel File?

Can I Sue My Employer For Overtime & Wage Claims?

With our years of experience representing wage and hour claims victims, we will get you through the legal process and fight for your rights.

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